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About Us


1. Who We Are

TKX is a full-service crypto investment bank in primary and secondary markets, made up of seasoned industrial insiders led by top global exchange executives. TKX Capital was founded in March 2021 by Chris Lee, the former CEO of OKX and CFO of Huobi Group, and Will Wang, the former Head of Investment and Business Development of Huobi North America. The management put compliance at the top of their minds. Gilbert Ng, a Hong Kong practising High Court Lawyer, who had led the legal and compliance functions in Huobi and OKX, is the Compliance Partner.


TKX covers all sub-sectors of the crypto industry and will continue to invest in the primary and secondary markets of the blockchain ecosystem, with full-lifecycle investment, consulting, and capital management capabilities. ​

2. Our Vision

Professional excellency in talents and technologies is the key for the Web 3.0 industry to move forward. TKX is committed to creating a platform for Web 3.0 entrepreneurs to aggregate resources, which helps kick off projects, products, and applications expeditiously.

With the concept of value investing and value enhancement, TKX provides full support to blockchain companies/DAOs from primary to secondary markets through investment, consulting, and asset management services.

While accelerating the development and evolution of Web 3.0, TKX will become a respected and value outputting institution for the industry in the course of the human technological revolution.



1. Primary + Secondary Market Strategies

Combining the understanding in both primary and secondary markets enables TKX to capture the full value of every investment in the rapid-changing crypto market.

2. A Hybrid Approach

TKX deploys a dynamic combination of active and passive strategies for substantial alpha in the primary and secondary markets of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.


TKX also provides exclusive and proprietary services in advisory, consulting, and legal aspects, to add crucial value for organizations and initiatives in the crypto domain.

3. Active Treasury Management

To avoid the waste of idling cash, TKX employs a proprietary low risk and low drawdown treasury management strategy to activate every cent of the capital under management for its largest potential.



1. Crypto IB Led by Exchange Executives

Founding partners have first-hand C-suite experience with top global crypto exchanges including Huobi and OKX. The partners have also established an extensive professional network covering all crypto-related industries.

2. Core Connections to Dynamic Liquidity

Built from years of direct relationship with major crypto exchanges and blockchain developer community, the team’s connections to the core of the industry allow TKX investments a high potential of top exchange listing.



Build with us

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